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How To Design a Sports Logo 2 : My Design Process Step By Step.

Hi, and welcome to How To Design a Sports Logo 2.  A few weeks ago, I posted How To Design a Sports Logo : My Design Process Step By Step.  In this post I showed you step-by-step my design process from beginning to the end.  This design was a Front-View Design of a cougar (  This time I am going to show you a Side-View Design.

Picking your mascot for your Sports Logo

I am picking another animal for this project, because they are the most popular.  I chose a Tiger, but you can choose any animal or anything that you would like because it is the same process.


You should always do some research before you jump right into the design.  Finding inspiration is key on giving you an idea of what you are after and what is out there right now.  Go to Pinterest, Dribble, Instagram, Behance, or even Google Images.  These are great places to start.  Here are a few images that I found that gave me great inspiration.

Finding Reference Image

After you have found your inspiration, the next step is to find a reference image of your animal to get a general sense of shape, size, and features that it needs to really come alive.

I chose this photo because it showed some really great facial feature and lighting.

Using Pencil and Paper First for your Logo

Now in the next step,  I like to first use just an old fashion pencil and paper to get the general idea of what I am looking for in my design.  I first draw out the general shape of the tiger and then I give it my own personal touch with more sharp edges and curves to give it more of an edgy look.  Then I start shading in the darker areas of the tiger (shadows and stripes).  This starts creating negative space, which is very important.

Using Illustrator (Pen Tool)

Now put your image into Illustrator and lower the opacity to about 30 percent and lock the layer.  Now start tracing with the PEN TOOL.  I know the pen tool can be hard to use, but if you practice enough, then it will become second nature for you.  I have found that if you trace you lines with just the just the stroke, at a very small thickness it will be much easier to use than have the fill on.  You can see what you are doing a lot easier.

Now trace your outline of your animal, and please feel free to be artistic about your outline of the animal, it does not have to be exactly like your drawing.  The drawing is just a great base for you final design.  Here is what mine looked like.

Color Base

Now here is the fun part of the project.  Now is the time to start coloring your animal.  Always choose a dark color for your outline and shadows.  I chose Black, but you could use a Dark Blue or gray, but since my colors are Black, Gold and White, I went with the black.  Make a new layer and put it behind the outline layer.  Choose any color, I chose the Gold.  Now use the pen tool and start making anchor points around the outline of the face that you want Gold. 


I went and did my highlight in white.  I went and colored the, teeth, whiskers, white, and I put in a few highlights around in the eye, on the chin, cheeks, head and around some of the stripes. These highlights are crucial in giving your animal some realistic features.  Next I colored the tongue the gold and I am pretty much done!

Adding Shapes Around Your Logo

Now, it is looking good, but we can do better.  By adding some more finishing touches to your logo, it can really add to your design.  One way is to just add basic shapes around your logo.  I added a shield shape around mine but you could add whatever shape you would like.

Now I colored the inside of the shield with a light gray color


The last step that you can do is to give your Sports Logo a Keyline.  That is the white border around your logo.  You see this a lot on sports logos.  To do this you just have to choose the shield border and copy and paste in back (Command C, Command B for Mac, or Control C, Control B for PC).  Now give this shape a white stroke with no fill color and choose whatever stroke size and color you want.

Final Touches

Now you can add some text to finish off your project.  I added the word Tigers and gave the text some tiger stripes and gave it a black outline and gold outline to finish off the design. 2-my-design-process-step-by-step-Tiger

The End

So there you have it.  My design process on Designing a Sport Logo 2.  I hope that you find these techniques helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to comment on my post.  I will get back with you.  Thanks.